Maud Sutler’s exhibition

Maud Sutler’s exhibtion was shown in Rivington place. Sutler is an award wining artist who is Scottish and Ghanaian heritage who lived in britain. Her art has been acquired by numerous private and public collections in london. The exploration of the continuing presence of Africa in Europe was one of her principal themes, explored through her art in a variety of media: text, photography, sound and performance.her work ‘syrcas’ (1993) is a reminder of what is its  like to live in racial time. ‘Maud sutlers syrcas’ (1993) addresses the presents of people of african descents in Europe during the 1930s and 40s and highlights the missing people during the holocaust. her work presents the history of race,most of her photographs were displayed on black frames.she made small photomontages that were enlarged into the exhibition .in the photomontage the images are cut out of the books and journals.The artist juxtaposes images of african masks and objects that were overlaid onto a range of european pictures and photographs which include painting and landscapes .which seemed like a cultural collide.
As multi-layered collage works, the photomontages’ visual tropes are intimately the raw montage of the various visual elements serves as reference to children’s scrapbooks.



‘ hard out her’ review

Lily Allen released a music video ‘had out here’ which is a representation of sexism in the music industry. The video starts with lily Allen undergoing lipo while her manager orders her to get into shape. The part that drew the most attention was her back-up dancers who were mostly black woman half dressed dancing around and spraying champagne everywhere just like most hip hop music videos which are usually over the top .the dancers seemed powerless while lily Allen was the only one fully clothed and wasn’t dancing the same way .it was as if she was making fun of them. the majority of critics have  labelled her of being racist many do not like the way she uses this way of showing a reflection of our the song she states ‘its hard out here for a bitch’ which is a reference to three 6 mafias ‘its hard out here for a pimp’   the word ‘bitch was used quiet a lot in the song ,she makes a point that its a word that is used a lot in pop.the video points out the poor state of pop music what lily Allen is saying is not new.

A interview about a family photograph

(I’m going to interview my brother Paul who was part of the family portrait taken at a photo studio)

i’m going to ask you a few questions about the family photograph and your experience at the photo-shoot

Q:why did your family decide to do a family portrait at a photo studio?

A:It was my mum idea to take a family photo shoot at a studio because she thought it would a good way to represent our family and also frame it in our living room.

Q:how is a photo-shoot different to a normal photograph?

A: well,at a photo-shoot the photographer directs you on how to pose and a normal photograph is more relaxing and natural  .

Q:how was your experience at a photo-shoot ?

A: the photo-shoot was a really fun experience because you get to change into different outfits and there more props such as backdrop sand chairs which makes it more professional.

Q:how has it impacted your family ?

A:i think it was a  great way for us to bond and spend time .

Q:how do you feel when looking at the photograph?

A:it reminds me of how much my family mean to me .

Q:is it a representation of your family ?

A:yes defiantly,its something we really treasure as a family.

‘thank you  for taking this interview



Daniel meadows exhibition

Lcc showcased Daniel meadows exhibition showing his career as a photographer,documentarian and digital storyteller. it was a very interesting exhibition that showed his skills and dedication of capturing portrait imagery.
he went on an extraordinary journey photographing urban british society during the 70’s to capture everyday life by travelling in a double decker bus.

Curated by Val Williams Together Val Williams and Daniel Meadows have brought to light the photographer’s incredible archive of prints and negatives, along with audio recordings.

There were two projects that were featured in the exhibition The Shop on Greame Street and the Free Photographic Omnibus.he had free portrait sessions in the 22 different towns .
the exhibition shows sections of both black and white and also colour photographs.
most of the images are not the most flattering, but he was not trying to produce a normal portraiture image, but rather it was a way of meeting people and documenting the times.


Typography And Communication

peter bilak what is typography? 2007

The element of typeographic style
Robert Bringhurst 1992

typography is to litriture as musical performance

typefaces designed to full fill the needs of their times contribute their small part to the knowledge accumulated across the centuries

righter and wronger approches
the elements of typographic style
Robert Bringhurst

jan tschichold and max bill

wim croulwel and jan van toorn

post moderist

robin kinross and jeffery keedy

after a fashion : Kays catalogue modernity and modernism fashion persuation

The lecture was about fashion catalogue through out the 1020s to the 1960s catalogues such as keys was the partially the result to responding to modernism

The idea of modernity encapsulates the progress of a society from being

pre 20th century subjects
culture of words
rhetoric of work ,thrift,sobriety
private inner world
self reliance
self projected onto environment

consumer culture subject
culture of images
rhetoric of leisure,spending,hedonism
public space inner and outer

Walter dill Scott the psychology of advertising 1908

reason why advertising
use/ price
image of product
copy illustration

concern layout

catalogues and consumers
the last three decades have seen a clear decline in what had become the traditional for of fashion authority that is an authoritative claim as so what fashion id for a given year in terms of lengths of skirts of colours

‘Disobedient Objects’ at the V&A

Disobedient objects is an exhibition at the V&A that represents protest movements from around the world.The entrance of the exhibition has a powerful theme where the title of the exhibition is woven on to a railing that hangs from the sealing . the exhibition focuses on the art and design of protest during the 1970s to the present time. It is not an exhibition with usual well designed materials but a protest in its self .it aims to highlight social changes. the layout of the space is very similar to a conflict environment. on display each object was created by ordinary people who fought for justice and not by artist these objects were created with limited resources during the peak times of the protest were time and money are limited . these objects are used to influence and improve situations or to shed light on challenging and important issues The collection includes posters,badges,banners,videos,symbols and other objects created by activist .The exhibition deals with some of the most complex movements such as protest against nuclear arms,wars,green issues and gay rights. The greatest impact of these objects is seeing them togethe in one room. Collectively they give a strong sense of the power that people have to take design into their own hands and make a change in the world.

RCA 50 years of graphics review

The royal collage of arts which is one of the most prestigious art and design institutes showcases 50 years and beyond of graphic design . the exhibition features many graduates of the RCA most that are leading pioneers. the exhibition features rarely seen work from the RCA archive .

The design that court my eye the most was the famous image of the lip and tongue. which is a well recognised logo for the rolling stones band,which was designed by john pasche between 1967 and 1970 while he was a student. to me the logo stands out due to its uniqueness and boldness.

Along with rarely seen work from the archive is john barn book 1990 typographic experience using early font software’s . the design is for a font called bastard .What i liked about his artwork was that it had a lot of detail to it and i find it fascinating on how he did it using limited digital resources at that period of time. after seeing this design i compared it to a recent design and it looked as if it was done using print screening were as on the modern design which was done using digital advances the image looks more sharper.

Displayed in a glass case i also came across the infamous student magazine Ark’ which was created by a RCA student the summer of 1965 . The cover of the magazine has a deep coloured and dramatic feel to it which i find interesting .

overall i think that the exhibition has given me the opportunity to experience and to see iconic designs and has also given me more understanding to the value and importance to graphic design and how much the visual world around us has been designed or influenced by RCA students.